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Aster Nega Publishing Enterprise

Aster Nega Publishing Enterprise

At present we are still developing reference books under the broad title “GALAXY Reference Series” – to reach out students, teachers and general readers with best quality books. To materialize our vision and mission at large, a lot of freelance professionals, including university and college professors, high school teachers, editors, authors and illustrators are working hand in hand with us as a support and freelance group. Our profile is still growing, but we still consider ourselves unsatisfied but having great vision to achieve great results. We set out goals to publish fast, paying careful attention to what is special about each book.

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  1. admin
    Dec 30, 2018

    Is it now available?

  2. Henok
    Dec 30, 2018

    I like to buy all the new products, could you tell me where I will get them

  3. ADMIN
    Dec 30, 2018


  4. admin
    Dec 30, 2018

    Yes we are here to serve you!

  5. admin
    Jan 6, 2019

    How is it working

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